Month: March 2017

Pumpkin Cream

Whilst several types of pumpkins arrived in Italy during ancient times the most well-known families are Laganaria and Cucurbita. Laganaria came from India, while Cucurbita came from the New World. Although these two pumpkin families are very different, they can both be cooked in similar ways. These pumpkins are the protagonists in many recipes; some of which are old as the Roman age. This box dish offers an old, traditional recipe that is enjoyed all over Italy, particularly in the North and in Central areas.

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Torta Margherita

This is a traditional recipe of Elba isle in Tuscany, in the Tirreno sea. The tradition says that the octopus must be hitted by a wood so to obtain a more tender meat. The true is that the octopus is a symbol of sea monster and the fishermen hit it by a wood, because this way represents the eternal fight between nature and human race.

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Focaccia is one of the oldest known foods and was very popular during ancient times. Greeks, Phoenician and Roman people prepared it in a variety of ways with different types of flour. In fact, this bread was…

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Farinata, also known as Chickpea Cake, is a traditional recipe from Liguria and other central and northern areas of Italy. This simple recipe is packed full of flavour, straight forward to cook and can easily be prepared at home. After you smell the…

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