Italy, according to the CIA World Factbook (2014 data), is the third nation of the world, after Monaco and Japan, with a life expectancy of 84.84 years, compared to the first
with 90 years. The exact figure for men is 83.80 years, for women 85.82 years.
According to some sources, the average has slipped by 0.2 in recent years.


What rules?

Underlying this longevity, there are numerous factors that affect our life expectancy positively and negatively. Obviously, a healthy life style, no tobacco or drugs, and no abuse of alcohol or spirits will be a big help. Jacques de La Palisse would agree. Also to be considered are the place of residence, stress and other factors.
One factor that we often ignore, despite its great importance, is undoubtedly the diet. We are what we eat.

 The Mediterranean diet

A few days ago, we published a post about the Mediterranean diet, where we find fruit, vegetables and cereals at the base of the pyramid. I suggest that you read it. As we move up the steps, we find animal proteins such as eggs, fish and meat. These foods should be consumed with moderation. Remember that man is omnivorous and needs everything, but in the right quantities. Excesses never produce the best results. Eating only potatoes or only caviare every day is not good for our organism.

 What products?

If we get down to details, the first step is the choice of raw materials. My endocrinologist and hepatologist always asks me, «Do you want to save a few Euro to buy poor quality raw material and then spend hundreds, plus the time, to come to me for medicine? Or, isn’t it better to spend a few Euro more right away in the choice of raw materials, to avoid wasting time with a physician and saving the cost of the visit and the medicines?». I have chosen the second option. I have been following his advice for twenty years and have had no more problems. The greatest difficulty is in the search. I suggest that you look for the healthiest products that are seasonal and fresh, with the clearest and most complete traceability. Also, prefer fats such as extra virgin olive oil instead of animal fats such as butter and lard, etc. Finally, don’t make the error that so many do: spending approximately 18 Euro per kilo for synthetic oil to lubricate the motor of their car, rather than spending the same amount for 1 kg of healthy and genuine extra virgin olive oil for their own organism. Meditate, my friends, meditate.