Spending time with your children is the joy of the family. It is a unique experience.
It helps to build and improve relations, to understand our own merits and defects
and those of our loved ones.

Team work

In short, in the words of a popular expression from the world of sports, you are building a team when you share activities with your children. The important thing is to enjoy those moments like a game and not like an imposition. The atmosphere should be light-hearted, like a party. There are many ways to spend time with your children. One of these is to cook together. The first question that comes to mind is “What shall we make?”

What can you cook with your children?

The answer obviously depends on their age and your gastronomic dexterity. If your children are Junior Masterchefs, it might be better to invert the roles and let them take the lead. Just joking, of course.

 A few suggestions

Here are a few suggestions to get started. The first rule is to understand the culinary interests of your child. Children usually love to get their hands into the dough. Think of recipes for home-made fresh pasta, sweets and biscuits, plum cake, tarts and pies. Nothing is sweeter than the sight of a child smudged with flour, eggs or tomato sauce.
This is an attraction for the upcoming festivities of Halloween and Christmas. The choice of proposals is very ample and diversified.
Another possibility is to prepare a picnic basket. For example, in Italy there is a tradition of spending a day in the country on Easter Monday (a holiday), an ideal occasion for sandwiches and other finger foods.

Some simple recipes to make together at home

Chocolate cupcakes, filled pasta, flat breads, chocolate salami, meatballs, potato dumplings, apple crumble, and many, many others!