From the beginning of autumn to the end of winter, chestnuts bring joy into our kitchens. It’s delightful to see them crackling on the fire! And they’re so delicious to eat after roasting! However, there are many other ways to use them in preparing delicious recipes, both sweet and savoury. Here’s a recipe that will leave your guests speechless!

Breast of guinea hen with chestnut stuffing

You might accompany this dish with a pumpkin purée, baked Treviso chicory, or sautéed mushrooms such as chanterelles or ceps. This is how to prepare it.





2 h


Guinea hen breasts    (no. 10) 2 kg
Shelled, boiled chestnuts    100 g
EVO oil    100 g
White wine    80 g
UHT cream    g 80
Egg white    no. 2 (80 g)
Herbs    30 g
Salted pork belly    30 g
Kitchen salt    to taste
Table salt     to taste
Black pepper    to taste
Garlic clove    no. 1 (3 g)


Paring knife
Frying pan
Baking tin


Follow These 5 Steps to Start

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Trim the guinea hen breasts, finishing the edges neatly with a paring knife and eliminating any filaments or imperfections.

Remove the fillets and blend or grind finely. Add the egg whites and cream to the fillet mixture. Salt and pepper to taste, then add the previously boiled and skinned chestnuts.

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Mix well and fill a pastry bag with the mixture. Use the mixture to fill the guinea hen breasts between the skin and the meat, opening a passage with a finger.

Sauté in a frying pan with a little Evo oil. Then arrange the breasts in a baking tin with Evo oil, the garlic, salt pork and the herbs. Season the breasts with coarse salt.

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Bake in the oven at 180 °C until the heart of the breast reaches 65 °C. Serve with a spoonful of the cooking juices that have been reduced and filtered.


Guinea hen meat is light and slightly aromatic. The breast must be well-cooked and should not be served rare. You must be careful, however. If cooked too long, the meat will become tough and stringy. The right cooking time is when the heart of the meat has reached 65 °C.

How Much Do You Know…?

The chestnut is:

My ugly love, you are a dishevelled chestnut, my beautiful love, you are as lovely as the wind (Pablo Neruda)