Potato dumplings (gnocchi di patate) are typical of northern Italy, mainly Veneto
and Piedmont, but are known and prepared throughout the whole country: in Rome, gnocchi are the typical dish for Thursday; there are also maize dumplings (gnocchi
di polenta) and bread dumplings (canederli), both clearly of Nordic inspiration;
and finally, gnocchi di semolino, very popular in central Italy.
Italians make so many different kinds!


A dish of rustic origin

Once a dish of rural origin prepared with simple, humble ingredients that often made use of leftovers, gnocchi can become a dish of very fine flavours, such as the one we propose in this mouth-watering recipe based on autumn ingredients.

Potato and pumpkin dumplings with butter and sage


For the dumplings:
Potatoes    900 g
Pumpkin pulp    600 g
Cornstarch    160 g
Plain flour    150 g
Egg yolk    no. 3 (60 g)
Table salt    20 g

For the dressing:
Butter     200 g
Grana padano cheese    g 80
Fresh sage    to taste
Table salt     to taste


Potato masher or food mill
Frying pan

Follow These 4 Steps to Start

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Steam the potatoes and pumpkin. Dry the pumpkin in the oven at 120 °C for approximately 10 minutes. Peel the potatoes then use a potato masher or food mill to mash the potatoes and pumpkin

Mix with the flour, egg yolks and salt to obtain a workable dough. It may not be necessary to use the full quantity of flour. If the potatoes and pumpkin are of good quality and quite dry, less flour will do.

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Form little dumplings in the shape you wish and cook in abundant salted water. Skim and drain as they rise to the surface.

Add the dumplings to the frying pan where you have previously melted the butter with abundant sage leaves and a pinch of salt. Toss and, if necessary, add a ladle full of the cooking water to create a slightly creamy sauce. Serve with grated cheese passed separately.

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Rainbow dumplings

Experiment and substitute the pumpkin with the purée of other vegetables or ingredients to make gnocchi of different colours. Here are a few suggestions:

Green: spinach dumplings, dumplings with wild herbs

Violet: red beet dumplings

Orange: carrot dumplings

Light red: dumplings with tomato paste

Brown: dumplings with cocoa

Light brown: chestnut dumplings

Black: dumplings with cuttlefish sepia

Yellow: dumplings with saffron

With green dots: dumplings with fresh herbs


How Much Do You Know…?

The knödel are:

And now, use your fantasy to find the right dressing!