When we Italians eat, we eat together. So, after a hard night’s trick or treating, why not treat your guests to something terrifyingly delicious? While the ingredients may be enough to get a stiff upper lip trembling, these treats are sure to leave them screaming for more. Bellissimo!


Octopus Elba Style

A true creature from the black lagoon, or in this case, the Elba isle in Tuscany. More widely known for its gorgeous wine and being a beautiful holiday destination, Elba also produces great traditional Italian foods. Along with fava beans and pumpkins, Octopus has long been real taste of the Tirreno sea.
A gorgeous prepare meal that’s quick to prepare, Octopus Elba Style, contains just three ingredients. Steamed, tender Octopus, pre-steamed potatoes, and pre-prepared Octopus sauce. All ready for you to combine at home to create a mouth-watering show-stopper. After you’ve tried this dish, you’ll want to try Octopus in stews and pasta dishes all year round.
A simple and quick recipe with few ingredients tames this sounding scary dish. Plus, all you’ll need is one pan and two spoons. Less time washing up means more time telling terrifying tales with your guests, or even enjoying a bottle of Elba wine!

 Bigoli Al Nero Di Seppia

When scared, a squid propels its ink to save its own skin. If you find yourself swooped upon by a hungry mob and need to save your own skin this Halloween, this may be the recipe for you. Taking only 15 minutes to prepare, this recipe can be rustled up at the shake of a leg.
This pasta dish offers depth to an Italian classic, with a mild salty taste of the sea coating luscious strands of Bigoli pasta. Italians like to say this pasta should be as thick as a wooden, knitting needle and with this silky, black coating we can guarantee this dish will knit your guests together in no time.
We prefer this dish on its own, but you could add prawns or even a poached egg. Looking more like a noodle than a pasta, you can see why the Japanese have taken this dish to their hearts and your guests will too this Halloween.

 Gnocchi Alla Zucca

For many, Halloween simply wouldn’t be the same without a carved pumpkin. However, pumpkins have a place at our Italian tables all year round and this recipe helps prove why. Gnocchi Alla Zucca, or Gnocchi in Creamy Pumpkin and Cheese Sauce, will help you and your guests fall in love with Pumpkins for an entirely new reason.
Italy’s famed dumplings take on a whole new twist with this creamy, luxurious pumpkin and cheese sauce. Originating from the Renaissance, Gnocchi is the sort of elegant dish you might find at the banquet table of any respectable Italian gathering. Usually served as a side dish, this vegetarian main option takes just 10 minutes to prepare and is perfect either served individually, or in a large serving dish.
Silky and smooth, with just enough bite in the Gnocchi, this all-time classic is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

So, if you’re planning a party this Halloween, why not dare your guests to try something a little scarier? From black as night pasta to a tentacled treat, Italy can offer scary food that won’t take All Hallow’s Eve to prepare.
Dare to try something even scarier than these? Could you be tempted by Rotting Cheese (Casu Marzu), traditional sheep milk cheese with live maggots from Sardinia? Or Cervilla Fritte, bite-sized batter-fried morsels of beef brains, sometimes served with tongue? While you won’t find these on our menu, our guess is these regional delicacies would get your guests talking!

Happy Halloween!