Here in Italy, Halloween is bubbling away like a good homemade lasagne and finally becoming more popular. In days gone by, if someone knocked on our door and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse, it didn’t mean trick or treat!
For some inspiration on how to handle Halloween, we decided to look at how the British did things. Not only did we find some truly scary Halloween recipes, but your everyday food made us think you enjoy frights every day of the year!

Here’s our Top 8 recipes that make Italians howl at the moon:


1. Halloween Pizzas

We gave you the glorious Pizza and you started playing with your food. Rearranging the toppings to look like spiders, ghosts and bats is as unforgiveable as pineapple on pizza. We’re all for experimenting with toppings but ghosts and bats will never be found in our boxes, no matter how much you ask!

2. Cheese on toast

The Frankenstein of the pizza world. IT’S ALIVE, you cry while you stare at your grill, watching the bubbles of cheddar smother a thin slice of white loaf. Why not try some Mozzarella or Gorgonzola? This mis-guided margarita leaves much to be desired. Sure, we have our own toasted delights – Bruschetta is a wonder, but sliced white bread? Terrrrrrrrrrifying!

3. Beans on toast

Again with the toast! We could spend an entire evening explaining the horrors of tinned baked beans, but the constant wave of toast alone makes us groan. And it doesn’t end there – spaghetti hoops? Shudder!


4. Fish Fingers

There’s something fishy here. Whether with chips, peas or sandwiched between slices of white bread, these golden rods make Italian fingers tremble in fear. From the nation celebrated for its fish and chip suppers, these breaded fish digits lack the joy and drama of a Friday fish fry. Give us octopus, calamari or sardines any day – you can keep your generic fish sticks!

5. Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Do not mess with the coffee.

6. Pumpkin Pie

An American Horror Story that has travelled to the UK. While we applaud the frugal use of leftovers, you’re doing your squash a disservice by baking in a pie. I guess we should count ourselves lucky it’s not just smeared on toast. Or breaded?

7. Toffee Apples

Bobbing for apples is one thing, but to bob the apples in scolding toffee seems cruel. We can see the appeal of driving a stake through a vampire, but through an apple? Too sweet for our tastes, at least it helps towards your five a day. We’re just surprised it stops at Apples; toffee covered bananas, anyone? You keep goblin these down, we’ll stick to a Cannoli for a sweet-treat.

8. Spotted Dick

Italians see dessert as an ending to a meal. A sweet little something as a treat. The British Spotted Dick seems like a meal in itself! A heavy pudding, steamed for an age and then doused in lurid, yellow custard. Give us a lovely Tiramisu any day, or Terrormisu! Hey, looks like we’re getting the hang of Halloween!

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