When it comes to Nutella, we’re talking about a product that has worldwide success, despite the many attempts at imitations by both small artisans and large companies.

The history of an artisan product

Everything started with the intuition of a Piedmont pastry chef, Pietro Ferrero, who at the end of the Second World War in 1946, to overcome the lack of cocoa on the Italian market, decided to add hazelnut paste. This is how Giandujot cream was born, from the name of the carnival mask that represents Piedmont: Gianduja. In 1951, the recipe changed and the name became SuperCrema. A few years later, in 1961, his son Michele changed the recipe and the name again and gave life to the Nutella we know so well.

 And the Nutellotti?

We can’t talk about Nutellotti without knowing the history of Nutella. This product has delighted and satisfied the palates of dozens of generations, as well as being mentioned in numerous films. Among these are Nanni Moretti’s Bianca, where the actor-director finds consolation in a giant jar of Nutella. To have a taste of it: .

Architects at snack time

Nutellotti, according to some authors, were born in 2014 thanks to a young architect and food blogger, Elisa Panzariello. One day, on November 15, for fun and in the company of her sister, she invented an easy recipe based on Nutella. She posted the recipe on her blog and in a very short time she recorded a million views. So the Nutellotti were born.

Tricks and Secrets

The recipe is very simple. The only advice I can give you is to respect the cooking times to prevent the Nutella from becoming too hard and dry. Happy snacking.

Ingredients for 4 people
180 g of Nutella at room temperature (not liquid)
150 g of type 00 flour
1 medium-sized egg, 80 g approx.

For the filling:
100 g of Nutella or, if you prefer, strawberry/cherry/sour cherry jam


In a bowl, add the beaten egg to the Nutella, then incorporate the flour (possibly sifted) and work until the mixture is ready to be kneaded by hand. Once the ball of dough obtained, form smaller balls and with the handle of a wooden ladle, make small holes on each of them, into which the Nutella filling goes, using a pastry sleeve, just before baking them.
Bake on oven paper in a ventilated oven preheated to 170 °C for 10 min (in a traditional oven, bake for 15 min at 150 °C).
Once baked, don’t worry if they are still soft: they will harden slightly when they cool.