The end of the year party, according to the Italian tradition, has always had fixed points both from the gastronomic point of view and from that of custom and superstition. I will omit these last points, like the colour of the clothes and underwear, to suggest some ideas for a perfect dinner, sometimes going against the new tendencies of the bon ton. I do not like being influenced.

1 – The menu

The dinner should be proposed through a rich and wide menu that is able to satisfy all needs and tastes. Today more than in the past. Attention therefore to those who have intolerances or allergies and to those who follow vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, raw and other rules. “Mission impossible”, you say. Exactly! I answer. The compilation of the menu is not easy, but a simple solution can be to set up a buffet where everyone is free to choose the one that suits them best.

2 – The trailblazer

Once the menu has been decided, obviously chosen with great care also for the quality of the raw materials, the second point is the organization of the welcome cocktail to offer to the guests waiting for the beginning of the dinner. I suggest a single cocktail, with an alcohol-free alcohol as a second choice for those who do not consume alcohol. The choice can fall on a classic like the Martini Cocktail, on a Negroni or on a Campari Spritz.

3 – Evergreen plates

According to some right-thinking people, dishes like the classic zampone or cotechino with lentils would be out of fashion and definitely enemies of good taste. I am personally opposed to this thought. I prefer to be a bit more rustic but do not miss the pleasure of tasting a real, original and delicious bagged to cook.

4 – Wine and bubbles

The wine must obviously follow the menu and, as tradition dictates, the bubble is a penalty for midnight. Free choice for sparkling wine, but with the foresight to choose a bubble obtained through refermentation in bottle (Champenoise) rather than in autoclave (Charmat method).

5 – Mise en place

To the ban the plastic and so on. We take out the embroidered tablecloths from the grandma or the trousseau, the family service dishes and the best of our cutlery. Pay attention to the glasses instead. Any glass is good for water; for wine, instead, I suggest an open tulip for everyone. No to the flutes, old and obsolete.

Happy new year to everyone!