Absolutely special (and really delicious!), the so-called ovis mollis short pastry is a shortcrust made with hard-boiled, finely crumbled egg yolks. It is used to prepare very delicate and crumbly biscuits and pastries, almost floury, in fine pastry recipes. The sensation on the palate is almost a melting one, a characteristic determined precisely by the use of sifted hard yolks, potato starch and icing sugar instead of granulated sugar, which gives the mixture as a whole its special lightness and crumbliness.


The shortcrust pastry

Short pastry is one of the most widely-used pastries in confectionary. It is a sweet dough made of flour and other ingredients – essentially sugar, butter, eggs, plus salt and flavorings – that is worked until it takes on a fairly compact consistency. It is used to produce recipes that need a short crust and crumbly texture. This peculiar characteristic is determined by the absence, or scarce presence, of egg whites in the dough; butter is the most important ingredient in the dough.

Ovis mollis biscuits


For the short pastry:
00 flour     200 g
Butter     200 g
Potato (or corn) starch     100 g
Icing sugar     100 g
5 egg yolks     100 g
Fine salt     1 g

 For the garnish:
Jam of choice     50 g
Icing sugar     as needed


Baking trays
Parchment paper

Follow These 5 Steps to Start

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Whip the butter with the icing sugar.

Add the hard egg yolks, salt and finally the sifted flours.

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Form balls and arrange them on baking trays lined with parchment paper, spacing them out. With a ladle handle, poke the center of each ball to form a recess. Fill the recess with jam.

Turn the temperature down for about 20 minutes.

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Bake in the oven for about 10 min. at 175 °C. Remove them from the trays and store in a dry place. Sprinkle with icing sugar before serving.

The cook’s secrets

You can bake the balls with the recess without the jam then fill them when cold.


How Much Do You Know…?

Short pastry, after the ingredients are combined, is left to sit in the cold to:

The short pastry dough should not get too warm: you can cool your hands by dipping them in a bowl of water and ice before working it. It is also good to work the ingredients with your fingertips and very quickly. Before rolling out the dough, keep the rolling pin in the freezer for about 10 minutes.