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4 Nutrition Food Tips for an Healthy Diet

We often hear it said that we are what we eat. Our health depends on what we consume daily, as liquids and solids. In recent years, the focus on nutrition has increased considerably, at the same pace as the various food intolerances (whether true or what the consumer presumes)…

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The most widespread disturbances of eating habits

Eating habits can become, at times, very difficult to guide and lead to the development of complex illnesses identified by the generic name of eating disorders. The people affected by these disorders are obsessed by food, and the weight and image of their bodies. Eating disorders can lead to serious health problems and grave consequences, even death.

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You Are what You Eat: The Link Between Diet & Cancer

In the assessment of the state of health of the population, eating habits are of special interest. Obviously, the habits that favour health reinforce well-being and contribute to disease prevention, while an unhealthy diet, the absence of physical activity, and the consumption of alcohol and tobacco constitute the main factors of risk for non-transmissible diseases…

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Live Longer with These Health Tips

During a lifetime, a human being has different physical, biological and psychological requirements that vary with the physiological changes in the body (growth, maturity and ageing) at each age. The diet must, in any case, provide for growth, guarantee and maintain a state of well-being, and prevent pathologies related to foods and the diet.

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Diet During the Years of Growth

Teaching the importance of a balanced and proper diet from the earliest age is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with food during adult life. Following a proper diet is indispensable because it alone provides the best growth and the necessary bases for development of the organs and systems, prevents the development of allergies and of chronic and/or degenerative ailments in the adult.

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