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Wicked pumpkin risotto

They say that you can make risotto with any ingredient. Nothing could be truer! Every day new combinations are discovered and proposed: today we propose risotto with pumpkin that will give your dish a sweet taste in perfect contrast with the salty presence of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. A real delight! Why not serve it in a lovely empty pumpkin shell?

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Rice with cuttlefish sepia: so good it will give you goosebumps

This recipe has an unmistakeable flavour known around the world. It is a typically Venetian dish, but it is also prepared throughout Croatia and everywhere Venetian merchants established their commercial bases. Today, it is something of an icon because many famous chefs have interpreted it in many versions, some truly creative. Try it! Your guests will be enthusiastic!

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Potato Gnocchi Dishes: Bring colours to your dinner table!

Potato dumplings (gnocchi di patate) are typical of northern Italy, mainly Veneto and Piedmont, but are known and prepared throughout the whole country: in Rome, gnocchi are the typical dish for Thursday; there are also maize dumplings (gnocchi di polenta) and bread dumplings (canederli), both clearly of Nordic inspiration; and finally, gnocchi di semolino, very popular in central Italy. Italians make so many different kinds!

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